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Michael Plaisance - Student of Animation

Friday, February 29, 2008

Half Way Thru

Three months gone. Three to go!

We're knee deep into production right now with Open Season 2, and I have learned an Incredible amount from the amazing artists around me.

I've been busy with tons of walk/run cycles along with a handful of shots in the film.

The apprenticeship experience has been a excellent so far. It's just the right blend between production experience and a "training" program. With the emphasis being much more weighted on the production side.

We have classes every 1 or 2 weeks that shows us different aspects of the pipeline. The last class was on Mudbox and modeling. We've also been shown Massive Software demos, storyboarding and texturing. There also weekly figure drawing classes. As far as Animation is concerned, all the other apprentices seem to have had enough exposure to animation in their schools to not want a class on Animation. Their loss! :P

About half of the artists I work with, have moved to Texas from elsewhere. And they are all very surprised on how cool of place it is. And how friendly everyone is. Coming from California myself, I was also taken back by how genuine and friendly everyone is.

Most people tie up their horses in the back of the studio. Only about half of the studio wears their cowboy hats everyday. And after-work church revivals only happen 3 days a week now, instead of everyday.

I'm kidding of course. All the stereotypes are completely blown out of proportion most of the time. ReelFX has a nice feel to it because it mixes the Entertainment/Commercial feel of the West Coast with that of the heart of America. I for one feel privileged to be here, as do most of the people I work around. Even those that have come from bigger studios and worked on some pretty high profile stuff seem to REALLY like working here.

Friday, October 26, 2007

First Week...

Today marked the end of the first week at Reel FX as an Apprentice.

Its been an exciting and fun week. Things fell into place really quickly, and I was TOTALLY LUCKY to find another apprentice to roommate with. I literally live RIGHT NEXT door to the Studio, a grand total of a 5 minute walk! It's so awesome. Little pricey for the area, to live right next door. But worth it in my opinion.

Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful!! Texas folks are awesome like that. The weather has been nice...and hey I'm learning TONS! It's pretty incredible so far.

My first assignment has been given to me which is a walk, run and skip cycle of a character in Open Season 2. I am REALLY excited about it actually...yes even for a walk cycle! There are some really great animators here to learn from, and EVERYBODY is very approachable and willing to impart knowledge.

Till next time...Finally, Twisted Root burgers rule!


Monday, October 08, 2007

Accepted into Reel FX Apprenticeship Program!!

Today I found out I've been accepted into the Apprenticeship program at Reel FX in Dallas!!

I've been Soo excited all day. From everything I've heard the program is gonna Rock!

I have a fond place in my heart for Texas, considering I grew up there (Houston). So in a way it's kinda like going home...

I'm starting on Oct. 22nd, and thats pretty dang soon! Now I've just got to figure out where I'm going to live when I get there! :) Craigslist here I come.

I'll update as I find out more...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fall 2007 Demo Reel

Welcome To My Site!

Here is the latest iteration of my Demo Reel...

Here are a few Facial Gestures I've been working on: